Boat Upgrades to Make During Winter

The offseason might not be the most fun, but it’s a great opportunity to make boat upgrades! Winter is the perfect time to make both stylish and functional additions to your vessel.

No matter what activities you use your boat for, there’s no shortage of parts and materials that can enhance its look and increase safety. In this article, I’ll lay out the top five winter boat upgrades to make before opening day.


Boat Upgrades #1: Swim Platform Pads

Extended swim platforms are a great addition. Not only do they allow swimmers to have a place to hang out or stick their feet in the water without getting all the way in, but they protect them from dangerous propellers and jet intakes.

A new extended swim platform is fun in its own right, but the setup isn’t complete without a swim platform pad or SeaDek finish.

Even though swim platforms often have a surface that’s referred to as “non-skid” or “non-slip,” if you have plastic under wet, bare feet, accidents are more likely to happen. The solution? SeaDek.

SeaDek is made from UV-resistant closed-cell PE/EVA foam that will not absorb water. It also provides exceptional traction when wet or dry. If safety from slips is a priority for your situation, or if you’re just looking to obtain a more dynamic look, swim platform pads or SeaDek installation is one of the winter boat upgrades you need.

Swim Platform Upgraded with SeaDek

Boat Upgrades #2: Stereo Equipment

It’s scientifically proven that your favorite music just sounds better on the water (maybe it’s not technically science, but good lucking finding someone who disagrees). With that being said, if you have a faulty or outdated stereo system, you might be sacrificing some of the fun!

Due to the frequent exposure to heat and moisture, it’s a good idea to invest in quality audio equipment that won’t give out in a couple of seasons. SC Wake proudly offers the best stereo equipment that has the power to pump out your favorite tunes across the lake.

Wet Sounds is a marine audio manufacturer that has gained a reputation for making the best wakeboard boat audio equipment on the market. Whether you’re looking to add new speakers, increase your wattage with an amp, or turn up the bass by adding a subwoofer, Wet Sounds has you covered.

You might be thinking you don’t have the budget for this winter upgrade. However, consider the cost of cheaper systems that aren’t built to last. With wet sounds, you can rest assured that once you have your system installed, it will continue rocking for years to come.

View our selection of Wet Sounds audio equipment for your boat here.

Wet Sounds Stereo
Premium Marine Equipment

Boat Upgrades #3: Battery Improvement

When it comes to boat upgrades, a battery replacement might not be at the top of the last…but it should be.

You’d be hard-pressed to find a boater who has been lucky enough to avoid the dreaded dead battery. A number of factors can contribute to your boat losing power on the water. Having the best equipment installed can help reduce these occurrences.

The solution to dead or weak batteries is XS Power. This cutting-edge company was established in 2005 and uses the highest energy density chemistry known in AGM batteries. The XP Series line of marine products has taken over as the preferred power source for late nights on the water when losing power just isn’t an option.

While the price might seem higher than the other marine batteries on the market, you’ll save money. In the long-run, investing in a good battery is betting than buy two batteries over the course of the season.


XS Power helps power your boat better

Boat Upgrades #4: SeaDek Flooring

When it comes to the interior of your boat, the wear and tear of a weekend on the water can cause your boat to age quickly. Carpets fade and rip, and non-skid flooring can become dirty and discolored quickly.

For boat owners who are looking to take their game to the next level, SeaDek is the answer.

No matter the color or model of your boat, the team at SC Wake has the materials and the installation expertise to fit your style preferences. To get inspired, look through our gallery and start planning your upgrade.

Don’t get fooled by imitations that look the same, but fall apart after only a couple seasons. Real SeaDek is built to withstand sunlight, water, heat, and all the other elements that your boat is exposed to on a regular basis.

Even if you have an older model boat, there’s a SeaDek solution that will restore your floor. The only downside? You might draw a few jealous looks from fellow boaters.

SeaDek Interior
SeaDek Interior Upgrade

Boat Upgrades #5: Light it Up

Nothing adds to the nighttime party like a set of LED lights on the interior and exterior of your boat. You might be surprised at how inexpensive (by boat standards) it can be!  Install strips of colored or white lights throughout the interior of your boat in just hours. In fact, light installs are a winter upgrade even inexperienced DIY-ers can tackle.

The fun doesn’t have to be confined to the inside of the boat! Plug or transom lights can create a fun environment for night swimming. They also help other boaters keep a safe distance in low-sunlight conditions. Several options exist that can make installation, especially of boat plug lights, an absolute breeze.

Do your research and find a reputable brand that has a reputation of being able to withstand moisture. Once you have a set picked out, take an afternoon to complete the install and enjoy night-boating like never before!


Boat Upgrades Made Easy

We understand that anytime you attempt a project for boat upgrades, things can get a little intimidating. If you feel like adding a pro to the mix, we have a team of experienced installers that can help.

We offer premium products for those who know that investing in quality equipment always pays off in the long run. Go with the best!

If you want to discuss your offseason upgrades, give us a call at 1-855-SCWAKE1. Or stop by our location at 4100 U.S. Highway 52, New Trenton, IN 47035.