Extra Dirty SeaDek Installation on Carver SS 2004|SC Wake Installer Jake Miller

Extra Dirty SeaDek Installation on Carver SS 2004|SC Wake Installer Jake Miller

SeaDek Installers Jake and Beth install new SeaDek on ‘Extra Dirty.’
Jake Miller: Started off one really hot and humid morning. It had monsoon-ed the night before creating high levels of moisture in the air.
Beth and I started the day by tying up some loose ends and planning our trip north to Scorpion Bay Marina to install SeaDek on a boat called Extra Dirty.

Extra Dirty SeaDek Upgrade

We ran into another customer in the  restaurant who coincidentally has the exact same boat. He was looking to have a custom SeaDek runner made for his craft.
We talked a bit with our new friend before we made our way to Ashley’s boat where the installation work was waiting on us. The rain and humidity from the night before made everything feel soggy and damp. Not the kind of old carpet a person would ever want to work with.

SeaDek Adds Traction To Steps

The shade from the covered slip offered a little bit of comfort and relief, but not much.Beth started the project by giving the boat a thorough wipe down with Acetone. I started scoring 3mm backing in preparation for the install.
Our starting point was the bridge of the boat, carefully and methodically working our way downwards. Then we started to work outwards to ensure the least amount of traffic on the brand new SeaDek.  The last pieces to be installed were the swim platform pads.

SeaDek Installation Storm Grey over Bimini Blue

As we got closer to being finished people started to snap photos as they walked by. So much Ooooooing and ahhhhhing, while they snapped pictures of the completed SeaDek installation project.
The exposure on this dock offered a couple more leads to future installation jobs. Customers who saw our work were excited about SeaDek and now look forward to having it installed on their boats too.

Boat Juices Cleans Up Extra Dirty

Several days later, the customers went to see the installation of SeaDek on their boat. The text messages immediately started to flood our phones with excitement. They wanted to let us know how thrilled they were and how much they loved the new boat flooring on Extra Dirty.
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