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Pipeline Package



10,000 Lumens. 14,247 Candela. Lumen-Boost™ Technology.

Insanely bright Underwater LED Lights.


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The moment you witness Pipeline, you know you’ve never seen anything like it. With the press of a button, Lumen-Boost™ Technology lights up your underwater world more than ever before. A focused beam of light brings wake and water to life in an intense way. And we’re just getting started. Explore the technology behind Pipeline, and you’ll discover a whole new underwater world at night.


Lumen-Boost™ Technology

The next generation of Underwater LED Lights.

More lumens.

Pipeline will forever change the way people experience underwater LED lights through revolutionary technology. Electric power converters increase the 12V power supply on your boat to between 25V – 34V. The higher voltage allows Pipeline to do things that were never possible for underwater lights before. With 34V it can light a brighter 10,000 lumen LED, creating a more powerful beam from your underwater LED lights.


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Intense beam of light.

Until now, Underwater LED Lights relied on their lumen output alone for performance. Flat-faced underwater lights allow lumens to escape in every direction. The borosilicate glass lens of Pipeline captures its LED’s lumens and focuses them into a brilliant beam of light. It is capable of producing 14,247 candela, many times brighter than other Underwater LED Lights. This light focusing process delivers light produced by Pipeline accurately to where you want to see it.


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