Rumor Has It 340 Sea Ray 2005 SeaDek Installation| SC Wake Jake Miller

Rumor Has It 340 Sea Ray 2005 SeaDek Installation| SC Wake Jake Miller

Jake and Beth received interesting visitors during one of their SeaDek Installations recently. Installing SeaDek for this Team SC Wake couple has definitely become an adventure.

Rumor Has It … SeaDek Installation

Jake Miller: It was a beautiful sunny morning in Az with the highs expected to break record temps. We knew that if we got out of the house early we could beat the heat by getting in the shade and enjoying a small breeze.

Blue Camo and Storm Gray Brushed Faux Teak

Once we sent our 3 kids out the door to school, we made a couple of stops on our way to the site for the SeaDek installation. The boat we were about to do the install on is located at Scorpion Bay Lake Pleasant. The boat belongs to a SC Wake customer by the name of Jimmy Byrd. Jimmy had SC Wake install SeaDek on his swim platform a few years prior and wanted to match the rest of the boat to the swim platform.

Rumor Has It SeaDek Makes a Difference

Before heading out the door we get a call from the customer. He lets us know that he is in Mexico with terrible service. He asks if I could take a card number down for him. His timing could not have been any better. Paid in full!
With a few quick slides  of my small ceramic blade, I swiftly cut all the backing on the pieces. Beth preps the surface on the inside by giving the boat a wipe down with Acetone. We both lay all the pieces out across the boat like a really big puzzle.Now it was time to get to work on the install. We started applying the really big foam stickers. Down goes the first one, then the second and before you knew it, we were done. Now his interior matches his swim platform. Something for him to look forward to coming home from Mexico.

Interior Now Matches the Swim Platform

On our way out we ran into a few of our buddies lazy ass, dumbass, and fat ass. Of all the asses out there, these three are some of the cutest. They congratulated us on a job well done and then we departed.They would be headed into the treacherous Sonoran desert and we would be headed into the City Of The Sun. We knew we would run into some more jackasses there, but none this cute.

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