Sea Ray 470 Sundancer 2009 SeaDek Installation|Team SC Wake Jake Miller

Accentuate some of the best features of your boat, golf cart or truck beds with SeaDek EVA foam! SeaDek adds traction and pronounced detail where you need it the most. With exceptional anti-fatigue qualities and plenty of customization options, SeaDek will make a difference you can both see and feel.
Team SC Wake Installer Jake Miller transformed the look of a Sea Ray 470 Sundancer 2009 with a SeaDek installation recently and what a difference it made. Excellent job Jake! This SeaRay owner’s boating experience will never be the same.

SeaDek Transforms a SeaRay Swim Platform

Jake shares highlights about his day and the installation.
Jake: I woke up early and enjoyed a cup of coffe while printing out some dri-fits for another project. I took our boys to school then I journeyed over to dri-fit a small swim platform. Once I finished the dry fit I stopped by my boy Shawn O’ Brien’s house to say hello to him, Ash, and G-dawg before headingf to Pleasant Harbor Marina, Arizona to install Mr. Johnson’s project. This morning carried a somewhat anxious vibe due to the fact that my partner/lover Beth was out of town. Her absence was felt. She helps so much on every project, but until this day I just didn’t realize how much.

Mocha Over Beach Sand SeaDek Color Combo

Upon my arrival, I notice a beautiful vintage yellow Ferrari parked nearby. The Ferrari was just as shiny as could be and added to the reassurance that today was going to be an absolutely gorgeous day!

Ferrari Brightens The Day!

I started by getting the SeaDek package, as well as all of the things needed, down to the dock where the customer’s boat was located. What a job this was without my Beth. I started the install by snapping several ‘before photos’ with my camera. Then I opened my package and begin making incisions across the SeaDek backing one by one. Once all the pieces were prepped I broke out the drill and started to remove the existing carpet snaps from the floor of the boat. After completing the removal of the old flooring, I wiped down the entire area with acetone.

Brushed diagonal Faux Teak

Once the acetone evaporated, which didn’t take long at all, I laid out all my pieces in their proper places. This project consisted of 35 pieces. Beth would have been a huge help with the last four steps if she would have been there. Decreasing the install time by 30 to 40 minutes. Thank you Beth for all your help babe! Working alone just isn’t the same without you!
Moving forward, I partially stick down several pieces and then align them properly. I finish the sticking down process on each piece, then semi-vigorously rub down all the edges. After several hours, I finish the installation. There are a few spots that have existing teak still, but we will tackle those areas this winter. So for now, this is a wrap on this project.

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