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DCB Performance Boats and SC Wake Seadek: Certified Fabricator Partnership

Posted by Jade Vela on Mar 20th 2024

DCB Performance Boats and SC Wake Seadek: Certified Fabricator Partnership

SC Wake Seadek is proud to be partnered with DCB as their certified fabricators. DCB Performance Boats is known for producing high-performance custom power boats. They are renowned for their craftsmanship, attention to detail, and innovative design.

I had the pleasure of talking with President Jeff Johnston, vesting 10 years of service with DCB. He is also one of four partners in the company. Accompanied by his son 8-years-old, Dylan, and a 1-year-old Golden retriever, Roxy, here's what Johnston had to say:

One of my mentors and dear friends Rob Blair, believed in me, saw my full potential and helped me get to where I am today.
Craig and Kim Hargreaves, previous customers of DCB and performance boat enthusiasts, have brought another level of energy and capital to the company. Their vision and support are what's taken us to the next level.
One of my favorite parts about the job is; The process of creating the customer's vision with a creative gel coat design, interior, and flooring. The interaction we have throughout the process involves cultivating trust, understanding their vision, their wants and needs and providing excellent service. This allows us to build a long-term connection.
We recently relocated from El Cajon (San Diego, CA vicinity), where the company was formed and originated back in 1990. During the transition, we uprooted our families and set sail to our new destination. two-thirds of our employees faithfully followed our lead. We offered relocation packages as we wanted to keep our talented team together. Most of our employees have been here 15 years and we are extremely thankful for the camaraderie and everyone's dedication to each aspect of the customized boat building process.

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DCB Boats offers our tri-color material to all of their clients which increases the client's visual appeal, balance, and versatility. This is ideal for the ultimate customization experience! We work together on matching the flooring design to the gel coat and interior patterns. SC Wake would like to personally thank Johnston and the rest of the team at DCB for their continued support, believing in our cause, and making a difference. We look forward to growing and succeeding with you!