Boat Juice – EVA Foam Cleaner

Boat Juice


Formulated for cleaning the surface dirt off EVA foam boat flooring Immersion testing performed (submerged a piece of foam into the Boat Juice formula for months with no oil effect) SC Wake partnered with a professional factory with 50+ years of chemical experience Safe and effective, non-toxic, environmentally friendly (CA Prop 65 compliant) Available in a convenient 32 oz. spray bottle.

Cleaning Methods:

  • Spray directly on a cool surface, lightly mist if in direct sunlight
  • Lightly move around the Boat Juice with a medium bristle brush
  • Let it sit for 15-30 seconds, add a small amount of water to the surface and lightly scrub again before rinsing
  • If desired wipe the surface with a shammy or towel

Boat Juice is also safe on upholstery and carpet!

Before and After

SC Wake Boat Juice works wonders on the nine sheets of SeaDek that are installed in my Nautique G23

Bill F

While applying paint to my boat floor in the heat of Lake Pleasant, Arizona I stepped away for about 5 minutes to grab something. A quick gust of wind tipped over my bucket of black paint all over my seats. Luckily I had my bottle of Boat Juice that cleaned it right up!

Jodie S

Boat Juice is MAGIC! Red wine, grease, tanning lotion with bronzer, GONE! I am a believer!

Karla S

Protect your investment with Boat Juice

My waterski days began on a 1963 Correct Craft at two years old. Nautique Wake Boats were our family brand of boats for 35 years. When the Nautique G23 came out, I just had to have one. That’s when it all began. I loved the SeaDek EVA Boat Flooring.

I have been in the boat detailing business for 10 years, and I only use the best products to support my business reputation. That’s why I teamed up with my supplier and chemist to create SC Wake Boat Juice, The Official EVA Foam Cleaner.  EVA Foam is a non-skid boat flooring that is the perfect substitute for traditional boat carpet. All the dirt stays on the surface, so maintaining your boat flooring is a breeze. Boat Juice comes in a convenient easy to use spray bottle. With just a little soft scrubbing and a rinse, you are finished. It really is that easy!

SC Wake Boat Juice works wonders on the nine sheets of SeaDek that are installed in my Nautique G23.

100% Money Back Guarantee.

Works great on any EVA Boat Flooring.

Eric Sacksteder

I’ve had SeaDek on my boat for multiple seasons and there was never a specific cleaner I could use to clean my floors. I’ve tried a little bit of everything on them, but Boat Juice just seems to check all the boxes. My floors are cleaner than ever! Thanks SC Wake!

Nick K